A2 Hosting Honest Review 2024. Read This Before Buying A2 Web Hosting. Pros & Cons

A2 Hosting Honest Review 2024. Read This Before Buying A2 Web Hosting. Pros & Cons

Introduction to A2 Web Hosting:

In this blog post, I’ll give a detailed A2 web hosting review. I’ll be sharing with you all the necessary information and guidance you need about a2 web hosting such as a2 hosting plans, how much A2 web hosting costs; if A2 hosting is a good web hosting for WordPress, has cpanel and a website builder, A2 hosting performance, features, support, etc. If you’re asking “Is A2 web hosting any good”, or Is A2 hosting beginners friendly; all these will be thoroughly answered. If you also want to know how to migrate to A2 web hosting, ensure you read this to the end. At the end of this post, I’ll also be sharing with you if A2 Hosting is one of the best hosting companies for your website development.

With a lot of website hosting providers and companies out there, it can be difficult to know which one to use, especially based on the type of website you’re interested in creating, your budget, and your level of technical experience with website design and development.

As far as A2 hosting is concerned, it’s a Web hosting company with considerable size and a ton of resources. However, the big question here is, will you enjoy these resources as a user/customer? Is it beneficial for you? So in this post, I’ll be digging into some of those benefits and features with A2 hosting and hopefully by the end of the post, you’ll have a better idea if A2 hosting is right for you in your particular situation. As a bonus, I will leave a link to A2 Hosting which will allow you to purchase their hosting plan at a more discounted price. So now let’s delve into a comprehensive and honest review about A2 hosting.

A2 Web Hosting Usability & Plans:

a2 wordpress web hosting price performance and review

To start with, one of the big concerns with any hosting company is usability, As I said in the introduction, everyone reading this will have varying degrees of experience in website development from beginner to expert.

A2 hosting features are not exactly straightforward, they have a lot of different parts of their service that are all uniquely named which can get a little bit confusing. For example, they have swift servers, turbo servers, turbo boost, A2 site accelerator, A2 Optimized software, and the list goes on. But what do any of those mean? As I said, it can get a little bit confusing and overwhelming, especially for beginners.

Now, in terms of the plans on offer here, they do have four unique plans. Which are:

    1. A2 Shared Hosting

    • Startup Plan
    • Drive Plan
    • Turbo Boost
    • Turbo Max
    a2 shared hosting price review and promo

    2. A2 WordPress Hosting (Hosted on turbo Server)

    • Run
    • Jump
    • Fly
    • Sell (Hosting plan for eCommerce WordPress website)
    a2 wordpress hosting price review and promo

    3. A2 VPS Hosting

    • Lift 4
    • Lift 8
    • Mach 8
    • Mach 18
    a2 managed vps hosting price review and promo

    4. A2 Dedicated Hosting

    a2 dedicated and undedicated hosting price review and promo

    Now the startup plan does come with 100 gigs of SSD storage, and can support one single website, it scales up from there to a higher plan which is Drive. It has unlimited space and can support unlimited websites.

    One great thing about A2 hosting is they’re very clear about how much RAM your website will be using and how much memory will be needed to run certain features. Picking the right plan with sufficient memory will be of immersed benefit especially when you want to use a prebuilt template or theme for your website development. A free SSL certificate is also available with all plans, which means that it’s going to be nice and secure if you have privacy as a concern, or are interested in protecting your users’ data.

    With some of those more advanced plans, they offer what’s called turbo servers, which says, they’re up to 20 times faster.

    A2 Web Hosting Server Performance:

    A2 hosting currently uses Apache on their Swift servers, which is the basic plan. With these claims of 20 times faster servers, what they’re referring to is Light Speed technology. Honestly, this is just them trying to put a spin on it cause the fact is LiteSpeed is used by many other hosting companies out there, like Hostinger, LiquidWeb, NameHero, HostPapa, Greengeeks, Interserver, etc.

    However, they utilize the power behind LiteSpeed well, it may not increase your loading time 20 times, but it is definitely very powerful, especially when compared to their swift server plans. Another Add-on to enhance a2 hosting performance, especially for WordPress websites is the A2 optimized plugin, which supposedly grants you pages that load six times faster. The plugin works alongside other plugins like Jetpack, W3 Total Cache, and Elementor page builder. It may not necessarily be six times faster, but it’s still great. And it will save you a few hours of configuration and installation and it creates a platform that lets you easily manage all the different plugins.

    A2 Web Hosting Features and Interface:

    best and cheap wordpress hosting for wordpress website

    In the event anything happens with your website, there is automatic server backup which is great. It means that any changes you make to your server will be saved and they’re automatically updated. With that, you don’t have to do anything special from your end. All the plans have cPanel which means that you can perform full account backups and also softaculous itself can be used to make on-demand backups of the CMS itself. With the beginner plans, you aren’t able to schedule automatic backups; that feature is reserved for the more advanced plans.

    In terms of the interface, it’s not the greatest or the cleanest experience ever but it does get the job done. A2 hosting has purchased WHMCS, which makes your life a whole lot easier. The system basically takes care of everything from signup and billing to account management and cPanel integrations. As I mentioned earlier, A2 hosting can be a little confusing. When you sign up, there appears to be an endless number of plans that you can choose from things like WordPress, Python, Ruby, WooCommerce, Linux, CMS, but in reality, they’re actually all the same shared plan.

    So basically, you will have to double-check which features you’re interested in having to make sure that you find a plan that suits your needs. It’s also super easy to install WordPress and you can enjoy all those pre-configurations that the A2 team has already done for you just by installing the WordPress A2 optimized version.

    A2 Web Hosting Performance:

    Now let’s talk about performance. As I said, they do offer these turbo boosted servers, which claimed 20 times faster. Although A2 really does deliver stunning speeds as long as you choose your data center wisely, there are four of them to choose from. There’s one in Michigan, one in Arizona, one in the Netherlands, and one in Singapore. Average load times were about 1.3 seconds, which is impressive.

    As far as uptime is concerned, a2 hosting has up to 99% uptime which is very impressive when compared with other web hosting services. Also, A2 hosting does provide optimization suggestions if you want to make sure that your website is running nice and fast.

    In the GT Metrix test, the fastest loading speed recorded for A2 hosting was 1.1 Seconds, and the slowest was 1.6 sec and that’s truly not all that slow.

    In summary, A2 hosting has a good speed, while they may not be 20 times faster, they are fast enough to make sure that you get the job done, and their speed is very competitive when compared to some of the other website hosting services.

    A2 Web Hosting Support:

    a2 hosting customer care number how to contact a2 hosting supoort and FAQ resources

    Concerning support. A2 hosting has the guru crew, and they’re available through phone, live chat, email, and support tickets, which is very fantastic. The A2 team has outsourced all of this work to a third party, and they will do their best to help you, they have their knowledge base available to get you back on track if you’re lost somewhere. Also, if you want to know how to migrate your website to A2 hosting, you can easily contact their support team to assist you at no extra cost. Alternatively, you can click here to read this extensive guide on how to migrate from another web hosting to A2 hosting.

    A2 Web Hosting Pricing:

    Let’s talk about pricing. Now A2 hosting is not the cheapest website hosting service around, but it’s definitely affordable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a free plan for you to test out, but the beginner rates like the Shared Plan are very, very low and very reasonable compared to some of the other hosting companies concerning the features that you’re given access to.

    It also does have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can jump in at no risk for at least 30 days. It also provides a prorated refund of unused service after 30-90 days which basically means you can ask for a refund at any time between this period and they’ll just reimburse whatever’s remaining on your contract; that’s a feature that no other web hosting company provides.

    In terms of payment options, you can use credit cards, and PayPal, you can also use Skrill, or perform a money transfer. One thing to note here is that it does seem that using credit cards often triggers fraud alerts. So you might want to consider using PayPal.


    best vps hosting with dedicated server best litespeed hosting company

    So with all that said, A2 hosting does start off to be a little bit confusing but after you get into it and choose a plan that’s right for you, it’s a very powerful and very affordable option. There are tons of amazing features a2 hosting offers alongside lots of resources available online to make sure that you create the website of your dreams.

    Honestly, I highly recommend this a2 hosting just based on the fact that there is such a fantastic money-back guarantee, and even beyond that 30 days, there’s really no risk to you because you can get a refund up to 90 days, which is fantastic. It means that you have peace of mind knowing that if it doesn’t work out for you, you can simply get that money back.

    A2 Hosting is currently offering discounts on their plans. You can take advantage of this to kick-start your website development project. Here is the link to choose from their discounted offer. Need I say, a2 hosting happens to be my first major hosting service and so far it has been an awesome experience.

    Closing Remark:

    I hope this post was helpful for you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment below.

    As a reminder, click here to choose your preferred hosting plan at a discounted rate and start enjoying the amazing speed and hosting service from A2 Hosting.

    Thanks for reading… With all being said, what are your thoughts about A2 hosting? Let me in the comment section below…

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